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Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Essential Oils

In the last few months, I have done a ton of research and have slowly been making my way into the essential oil world. I work in the healthcare field, so I see a lot of the damage that prescription medications can cause. I love having a holistic option such as essential oils. This post is in no way a means to dissuade you from using oils. I just want to show you how to get quality essential oils at a decent price. (I avoid the word cheap because it sometimes is associated with quality.)

When I first looked into essential oils, it was because I was involved with a MLM company that sells a fragrance device and has essential oil options. This was great because they are in convenient pods that don’t require water; but I wanted to start using them on my body and in homemade products. So, I had to start looking elsewhere for essential oils to use outside of the aromatherapy ones I sold.

Aren’t DoTerra and Young Living the Best?

The first thing I did was ask my Facebook friends for recommendations. I was quickly bombarded with Young Living and DoTerra reps commenting and messaging me. If you are new to essential oils, in sure you have come across those names in your search. They are both MLM companies that entice you with a 24% or 25% discount by being a wholesale member. Even, at the wholesale price, I was shocked at the cost. Upon further research, I could see that the price might be justified since everyone was telling me that they were higher quality… I almost fell for it!

Pure Essential Oils

Terms like “Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade” and “Seed to Seal Gaurantee” sound really promising. I figured that if I was going to use essential oils for health and wellness purposes, I wanted the highest quality.

The truth is, there is no governing authority for the quality or grade of essential oils. The USDA regulates if they can be called organic or not. But, there is no such thing as therapeutic grade. An essential oil is an essential oil. By being called such, it is already considered a certain quality.

So, without going into all of that with too much more detail, I want to show you where to buy quality essential oils without the hefty price tag.

There are many quality brands out there but I prefer Barefut essential oils for the prices. They have singles, blends, carrier oils, and the containers needed to mix your own oils or crate homemade beauty products.

(Before I found out about Barefut, I ordered Plant Therapy and Now Foods from Amazon.)

Is Barefut a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

I don’t consider Barefut a MLM because there is no upline, downline, recruiting, etc. But, you can join as an affiliate to get 25% in commission for people you refer, and on your own purchases. With the prices already being reasonable, this is a great way to save money. On top of that, you earn about 10% in rewards/cash back for the products you buy and can use it on your very next purchase.

If you want to get the 25%, you can join here.

Check Out How Much I Got for Next to Nothing

barefut essential oils

My first purchase was intended to just be the calming blend and a carrier oil to use it with. After, browsing around I noticed the lemongrass was free at the time and they were offering and on the go Eucalyptus balm for free with every $15 order.

I spent a total of $20.74 to get the following shipped to me:

  • 15mL Lemongrass Essebtial Oil (Free) (Reg. $9.97)
  • 15mL Calming Blend Essential Oil (On Sale for $10.61) (Reg. ($18.95)
  • 2oz Almond Carrier Oil (On Sale for $4.79) (Reg. $8.99)
  • Eukalyptis On The Go Balm (Free) (Reg. $7.99)

Essential oil deals

Now, I have $1.60 available to use on my next purchase and $3.85 in commission from my own order. The commissions get paid out once you hit $20.

So, I basically spent around $15 for $46 worth of products! If you can find that better somewhere else, I want to know!

Free Essential Oil Every Month

I was checking out the site after my products arrived because I forgot to get a rollerball and found even more awesome stuff! I realized that Barefut has a FREE essential oil every month so that you can try new ones and know for sure that they are top quality. This month (April 2017), the 15 mL Peppermint essential oil is free. All you have to pay for is shipping, and there are no strings attached! Check it out, get some free stuff, and let me know what you think!barefut free oil

5 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Essential Oils

  1. Essential oils do interest me, but I got to your blog via a review of plexsus – did you have a follow up comment on that topic?

    1. I need to update the post some more. But, Plexus was great for detoxing and feeling better overall. But, I dont suggest it as a weightloss tool.

  2. Sounds good.! Bare fut have their own oil farms. Test oils. 3x”s.??? Use. O additives and can still keep oils relatively cheap comparison to to do terra . 😊 is this a marketing like do terra u open a account on line to order ????

  3. my sister in law introduced me to barefut, and my hubby and I are totally hooked! I find myself checking my inbox every day for deals, especially with the 20 days of christmas specials they’ve had! I purchased my mom the Thrive, and she has gotten relief from her arthritis and gout that she hasn’t had in months. we even shopped til we dropped the other day and let me tell you, that’s saying something! thank you for your blog post as it reminded me that I need to sign up for the “points” system they have!

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